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RShanghai win Feng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
Office address: Room 405,Building 11,3188 Xiupu Rd.Pudong Shanghai.

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Q: what is the main business of Shanghai win Feng Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.
A: Main business: industrial waste water, sludge drying, pure waste water, key project.

Q: which teams are involved in the business operation?
A: the company has multiple departments, including professional water treatment design and project team, after-sales service team and sales team. 60% of the teams visit the site to provide customized service solutions for customers.

Q: what are the agent products?
A: general agent products, SIEMENS laboratory pure water equipment, America's Pok pure wastewater agent and independent research and development equipment, including ozone catalytic wastewater treatment equipment, fully automatic dosing and filter equipment and biological aerated fluidized bed.