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Product name: America BK 8011


AMERICA BKTM can prevent membrane fouling, reduce cleaning frequency, and improve membrane efficiency and service life. Scale inhibitors are suitable for all kinds of salt deposition, such as:
Calcium and magnesium deposits
Calcium phosphate and calcium oxide
Calcium, barium, strontium sulfate
Iron oxide
Silicon and manganese deposits
The main function of AMERICA BKTM product is to inhibit scaling and stabilize hardness. In the range of chemical calculations, the so-called threshold effect will be displayed. After the stability limit, an amorphous crystal with no adhesion can be formed, with a concentrated water drainage film system. Dispersants also retard the deposition of suspended particles and disperse them in the water body, so that they can be excluded from the system with concentrated water.
AMERICA BKTM 801111 times concentrated reverse osmosis scale inhibitor characteristics:
11 times, self synthesis, high quality assurance.
Low dosage (24ppm), applicable to all inorganic salt high scale.
The design of environment-free environmentalists.
The membrane material is absolutely safe, and 1000ppm does not pollute the membrane.
It is especially suitable for high salinity water quality.
It is especially suitable for high pollution medium water quality.
It is especially suitable for high bioactive surface water quality.
It is especially suitable for cooling circulating sewage with high phosphorus content.
The temperature is as high as 150 C, which is suitable for scale removal under special conditions such as evaporation concentration and heat exchange medium, such as multi effect evaporation seawater desalination system.
Conforming to drinking water qualification certification (ANSI/NSF Standard 60).
The effective application of DOW in the United States and the United States Hyde chemical membrane element certification