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Product name: America BK 8580


America BK series antiosmosis membrane special bactericide

We recommend the design of membrane system for surface water or reclaimed water reuse.
The bactericidal measures of the reverse osmosis membrane itself are considered.
Use fast and safe special fungicides,
No harm to the membrane, sterilization time is faster (more than 30 minutes), bacteria kill.
The inactivation rate of bacteria is greater than 99%, and it is regular to enter RO.
In short time, CIP or impact can make good breeding.
The microorganisms in the membrane sterilize and activate them to peel off. This product will be in
After being used, it is automatically degraded into inorganic substances, and has no influence on the environment.
Preprocessing and other processing
Disinfectant & disinfectant
In addition to the traditional oxidizing fungicides, we have also developed environmentally friendly non oxidizing fungicides, which can directly contact with the membrane, have better disinfection effects, and can effectively control the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae in the membrane system.
Chlorine and oxidizing disinfectant
Products are used to protect membranes from oxidizing fungicides.
Flocculant & coagulant
The product is used for water treatment of membrane system.
Attention: we should pay attention to safety when using fungicides. Please read product labels and safety information carefully before using.