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ULTRA CLEARTM TWF EDI water intake and continuous electric desalting technology (CEDI).
Ultra pure water system
A pure water system - two options for ultra pure water
The Ultra Clear TP TWF EDI system has a fixed water distributor and an optional flexible distributor, which can bring pure water to the workplaces that you need. The system provides you with the best solution to meet all the water quality requirements and applications in your laboratory.
New appearance - new performance
• 7 "color LCD display, operation is fast and simple, and shows a rich and complete overview.
• easy operation through touch function
New design of user interface
Graphic display with major functions
• SD cards and USB connections for data transmission
Direct water supply water supply
Deionized water and ultra pure water can be obtained from the system
With continuous electric desalting plant (SIEMENS patented product).
The Ultra Clear TWF EDI system is equipped with all necessary equipment for producing reagent grade water directly from municipal tap water. Electric desalting device of continuous production of RO (CEDI) range of 0.06 to 0.2 further purifying water S/cm. CEDI class II water production can be directly extracted from the integrated storage tank. Each system is equipped with the most economical and advanced purification technology. The water quality is 18.2M Omega -cm and TOC level is between 1-3ppb, which is far beyond all the reagent quality standards, including ASTM I water, CLSI and ISO 3696 I. All systems including ultrafiltration (UF) can produce the highest water quality. These treatment units provide water without RNA enzyme, DNA enzyme and DNA.
Typical applications of UV TM and UV UF TM
• HPLC, IC, GC and GC/MS, TOC analysis, ICP and ICP/MS, DNA sequencing, no RNA enzyme, DNA enzyme, DNA application, PCR, protein, electrophoresis, key cell and tissue culture, and sensitive applications of pyrogen