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Office address: Room 405,Building 11,3188 Xiupu Rd.Pudong Shanghai.

Current location:Home / MarketSolution of ultra pure water


capacity: 25t/h


capacity: 80t/h


capacity: 35t/h 

UF(Final treatment)

capacity: 80t/h

Two stage reverse osmosis equipment

capacity: 30t/h (1st RO)

capacity: 25t/h (2nd RO)

Two stage reverse osmosis equipment

capacity: 30t/h * 2set(1st RO)

capacity: 27t/h * 2set(2nd RO)

CDI Equipment

capacity: 30t/h (6 Modules )

CDI Equipment

capacity: 20t/h (5 running,1standby)

TOC UV Equipment (185nm)

capacity: 80t/h (3 Sets)

Degassing membrane Equipment

capacity: 46t/h (6 Sets)

In the control room, computer screen

Control cabinet, touch screen

Pure water station layout

Polishing room layout 

Effect map of a water station in a project